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How much is a silver half dollar worth?

Silver Half Dollar Value

Silver Half Dollar Value?

So you’ve found, or been given a silver half dollar right? You might be wondering to yourself…How much is a silver half dollar worth now? We will gladly tell you that a 90% silver half-dollar has a melt value of $10.38 So worst case it’s worth $10.38 best case it’s a rare half dollar and is worth more. Get info on numismatic half-dollar values from CoinTrackers.com (Note: most any halves minted before 1965 is 90%, one minted between 1965 and 1970 is only 40% silver) Current silver spot price is $28.69

You can probably take it by a coin dealer and get somewhere between $7.51 and $8.64 for it as they rarely pay spot for coins.

Like some more information? – Well what type of half dollar is it? Click on the image below that best matches the image on your coin.

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar 90%

Franklin Half Dollar

Franklin Half Dollar 1948 to 1963

Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1916 to 1947

Barber Half Dollar

Barber Half Dollar 1892 to 1916