• Most Popular Silver Bullion

    Most Popular Silver Bullion

    Read this article to learn about some of the most popular silver bullion investment options on the market. Silver is always a popular investment since the buy-in for silver is reasonably affordable for even the entry level investor and, on the whole, metals are considered a fairly safe investment for long term investors. Granted, the silver market does have direct ties to the gold bullion market, but with industrial uses for silver that don’t exist for gold and a much lower buy-in, silver bullion is quite often a much more palatable alternative to gold. Silver Bullion Options When it comes to buying silver bullion, you have a few options available to you. While some involve actual physical ownership of silver in one format or another, a couple involve paper investments instead. Here is a quick overview of the basic silver bullion options you have available Bars – Silver bullion bars are available in several different types and sizes. ... Read More »
  • 4 Silver Flatware Buying Tips

    4 Silver Flatware Buying Tips

  • Silver Coins vs Silver Bullion

    Silver Coins vs Silver Bullion

  • Why Invest In Silver?

    Why Invest In Silver?

  • How much is a silver dime worth?

    How much is a silver dime worth?

  • Mercury Dime 1916-1945

    Mercury Dime 1916-1945

    The Mercury Dime was a dime issued at the United States mint(s) during the years of 1916 through 1945. Current silver melt value for any mercury dime is $ as the coin is 90% silver. After the Coinage Act of 1890, where Congress passed legislation where the design of U.S. coins could be updated after a coin had been in circulation for 25 years, the dime, quarter and half dollar came up for redesign around 1915. The penny and silver dollar had already been updated and, Adolph A. Weinman won a design competition in 1915 for the design for the new dime. Although it’s official designation is the “Winged Liberty” Dime, with wings on the head of Liberty to signify freedom of thought, the common designation of the winged god Mercury persisted. This lead to most people calling it the “Mercury Dime”. Issued from 1916 through 1945 when it was replaced with the ... Read More »
  • Silver War Nickels 1942 to 1945

    Silver War Nickels 1942 to 1945

  • Seated Liberty Dime 1891 to 1937

    Seated Liberty Dime 1891 to 1937

  • Morgan Silver Dollars 1878-1921

    Morgan Silver Dollars 1878-1921

  • 1879 Morgan Silver Dollar

    1879 Morgan Silver Dollar