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Largest Silver Mines in the World

Worlds Silver Mines

We’ve taken some time to write an article detailing the largest silver mines in the world. These¬†behemoths make up 35%+ of the silver mined in the entire world. If you are looking to invest in silver mines you might want to start researching one of these. As with any business over the last few years, silver mining has seen gains ... Read More »

4 Silver Flatware Buying Tips

Silver Flatware Set

Looking to pick up some silver flatware in the next few months or years? Silver flatware if you can afford it is a great long term investment for your family. It may not make sense financially 100% but in terms of¬†family heirlooms a set of silver flatware (forks, spoons, knives etc) ranks right up their with the living room clock, ... Read More »

Silver Coins vs Silver Bullion

Buying Silver

When it comes to investing, especially in metals, gold is an expensive buy-in while silver makes a much more palatable investment, especially for the entry-level investor. However, when you look at silver and the silver market in general, many people discover a very important question. Which is the better investment, silver bullion or silver coins? The answer may surprise you ... Read More »

Most Popular Silver Bullion

Silver Bullion

Read this article to learn about some of the most popular silver bullion investment options on the market. Silver is always a popular investment since the buy-in for silver is reasonably affordable for even the entry level investor and, on the whole, metals are considered a fairly safe investment for long term investors. Granted, the silver market does have direct ... Read More »

Where Should I Buy Silver?

Buying Silver

Looking to buy silver online safely? Again we want to start off by saying we are not being paid to promote, or get kickbacks from these companies. They just happen to be the ones we’ve had the most experience with in the past. So now that we have that established lets speak about a few of our favorite places online ... Read More »