• Why Invest In Silver?

    Why Invest In Silver?

    We’ll let me tell you first off I’m not pushing silver, I have no ulterior motive, I’m not going to sell you anything. This isn’t one of those sky is falling websites that use fear to drive traffic. I’ve been collecting and investing in silver and other metals for about 25 years. Holding a silver coin or bar in my hand makes me feel good if nothing else. With all the other asset opportunities in the world why would someone want to buy silver? Here are a few reasons… Reasons To Like Silver It Has Real Value – while the value might fluctuate, silver in itself holds value. Coins Are Fun – Most of older coins are made from 90% silver (pre 1965). Enjoy Storing Wealth – Having a small stash of bullion or silver coins is enjoyable. If you are feeling down and possibly worthless as many of us in ... Read More »
  • 4 Silver Flatware Buying Tips

    4 Silver Flatware Buying Tips

  • How much is a silver half dollar worth?

    How much is a silver half dollar worth?

  • Most Popular Silver Bullion

    Most Popular Silver Bullion

  • How much is a silver quarter worth?

    How much is a silver quarter worth?

  • Standing Liberty Quarter

    Standing Liberty Quarter

    Standing Liberty Quarters currently have a melt value of $ The Coinage Act of 1890 gave the director of the mint “permission” to change the design of U.S. coins without requiring prior congressional approval. While this wasn’t required, then U.S. Mint director Robert W. Woolley felt a design change was necessary and, since prior Presidential administrations pushed to have the non-silver coins redesigned and issued, designs to replace the Barber dime, quarter and half dollar were sought. After several design changes, the design for the quarter by Hermon Atkins MacNeil were approved. The Standing Liberty Quarter was issued from 1916 through 1930. There were three significant design changes during the mintage of the Standing Liberty Quarter. The first design changes occurred in 1917 and affected both sides of the coin. The most major redesign was the redistribution of the 13 stars on the reverse from 7 on the left and 6 ... Read More »
  • 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar

    1878 Morgan Silver Dollar

  • Silver War Nickels 1942 to 1945

    Silver War Nickels 1942 to 1945

  • Peace Dollar 1921-1928

    Peace Dollar 1921-1928

  • Morgan Silver Dollars 1878-1921

    Morgan Silver Dollars 1878-1921